1.   Under beds in boxes or on cardboard flats for easy retrieval.

2.   Under baby cribs hidden by a long dust ruffle.

3.   Between a bed head board and wall.

4.   Between the couch and the wall.

5.   Along the wall of a closet underneath hanging clothes.

6.   Build a false wall with slanted shelves behind it that are one can height wide.  Roll cans in the upper end; take them out on the lower end.

7.   Cut out wall board between wall studs.  Insert shallow shelves and put a cabinet door over it.

8.   Locate unused space under stairs and behind walls of second story rooms.  Cut a doorway, finish off walls and floors and put a vent in the wall.

9.   Stack boxes or buckets.  Put on a round tabletop and cover with a cloth for an end table or decorative accent table.

10. Mount 12 deep shelves, floor to ceiling, along a wall.  Cover with drapes hung from the ceiling.

11. Build bookcases for books and/or toys out of boards and food storage buckets or boxes.

12. Add an extra shelf above the existing shelf in a closet.

13. Convert an extra closet or half of a large closet to shelves - built in or free standing.

14. Replace kitchen soffiting with cabinets.

15. Use the unused back spaces in corner cupboards.

16. Buy a free standing cabinet or armoire; add extra shelving if necessary.