Tornadoes may develop
Tornado detected; take shelter


IN HOMES--Stay away from windows and outside walls.  Go to the basement or to an interior closet or small room.  Get under something sturdy, if possible.

IN SCHOOLS OR FACTORIES--Move quickly (follow advance plans) to shelter areas or to an interior hallway on the lowest floor.

IN HIGH-RISE OFFICE BUILDINGS--Go to interior small rooms or hallways.

IN SHOPPING CENTERS--If available, go to designated shelter areas; otherwise, take cover in an interior rest room or small shop.  Do not go to your car.

IN MOBILE HOMES--Damage can be diminished if the mobile home is properly blocked and anchored.  Consult local or state authorities.

IN OPEN COUNTRY--Lie flat in the nearest depression with your hands shielding your head.  Be alert for flash floods.

IN YOUR CAR--Do not try to outrun the tornado.  If available, take shelter in a sturdy structure; otherwise, get out of your car and get into the nearest depression or ditch.