Supplies and Medications for
Isolation or Quarantine due to
Respiratory or Gastrointestinal Diseases

Supplies and Equipment

Over the Counter Pharmaceuticals

Dish soap
Hand sanitizers*
Disinfectant wipes (1-2 year shelf life)
Disinfectant cleaners*
Chlorine bleach (6 month shelf life)
Facial tissues
Antiviral facial tissues (1+ year shelf life)
Toilet paper
Disposable diapers
Garbage bags
Surgical face masks
Disposable gloves
Paper towels
Paper plates
Paper cups
Plastic silverware
Drinking straws
Sippy cups or sports bottles
Bed tray
Medical thermometer
Anti-diarrheal medication*
Cough medicines*
Rehydration drinks

Non-pharmaceutical medications+

Echinacea* (immune strengthening)
Licorice spice tea (cough, congestion)
Chamomile (nausea, headache, stress)
Peppermint tea (nausea, cough)
Blackberry tea (diarrhea)
Cinnamon tea (diarrhea, vomiting)
Ginger (nausea, vomiting)
Buckwheat honey (cough)
Colloidal silver solution* (anti-microbial)
Essential oils
Ingredients for homemade
rehydration drinks

Foods to aid in recovery from diarrhea

Lite salt (NaCl + KCl)
Salt substitute (KCl)
Baking soda
Powdered drink mix
Rice baby cereal
Sugar free flavored gelatin
Clean water
Rice - cooked or the cooking water#
Rice cereal
Carrots - cooked or as soup
Saltine crackers

*These items have a recommended shelf life and should be used and rotated by the shelf life date on the packaging.
#Cook regular rice with double the amount of water. After 20 minutes, drain off the water and use as a drink. Continue to cook rice until dry as desired.
+These non-pharmaceuticals do not work for everyone and should be used according to documented references. Learn how and when to use these.