SOS Sport Solar Oven

Global Sun Oven
Metal reflector panels No Anodized aluminum
Foil reflector panels Yes, purchased separately No
Removable reflector panels Yes No
Requires reflectors for cooking No Yes
Lid or door Doubled layered acrylic glazing Tempered glass
Insulated lid Yes No
Vapor seal Yes Yes
Plastic housing Yes, recycled PET Yes, ABS
Aluminum liner Yes, recycled Yes
Insulated box Yes, R 6.5 Yes
Cool to touch Yes Yes, except for the lid/door
Carry handle No Yes
Weight 10 pounds 21 pounds
Outside dimensions 27-1/4" x 17" x 12-1/4"(at back 19" x 19" x 14" (at back) but 32" diameter with reflectors open
Inside floor dimensions 9-1/4" x 17-1/2" 14" x 14"
Possible cooking temperature range 200-300 F (higher with reflectors 280-400 F
Typical cooking temperature range 210-260 F (higher with reflectors) 280-360 F
Cooking style Slow cooker - passive Conventional oven
Potential to burn or overcook food No Yes
Retains even cooking temperature Consistent Fluctuates
Can be used on partly cloudy days Yes, if there is 30 minutes of sun per hour No
Cooking angles Two; 30 and 60 degrees Nine
Spill proof cooking leveler No Yes
Self-contained leveling leg No Yes
Stable in normal winds Yes Not always
Number of 3 quart pots it will hold 2 1
Number of cookie sheets it will hold 2 toaster oven size 2 small 11" x 7"
Includes a WAPI Water Purifier Indicator Yes No, $8 extra
Includes thermometer Yes Yes, attached
Includes recipe book Yes No, recipes online on website
Includes 3 quart cooking pot with lid Yes, 2 pots Yes, 1 pot; additional are $10.50 each
Recommended by Cooks Illustrated Yes No
Expected life "Many, many, years" 15+ years
Company has programs/projects in Third World countries Yes Yes
Cost, delivered with 2 pots $167.94   (as of 15 May 2011) $309.50   (as of 15 May 2011)
Cost, delivered with reflectors $190.91   (as of 15 May 2011) $299.00   (as of 15 May 2011)
Group discounts available Yes Yes

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