Heavy duty aluminum foil boats, 2 large (6 to 7 inches) or 3 medium (5 inches)
2 cups prepared instant mashed potatoes
1 can (14-1/2 ounces) whole potatoes, drained, coarsely mashed

Mix the potatoes together.  Spray the foil boats with cooking spray.  Spoon the potato mixture into the foil boats.  Bake at 400o for 20 minutes or until lightly browned.  Top with one of the following:

Bottled process cheese sauce and bacon bits


Canned zucchini in tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese

Creamed Tuna (p. 73 Pantry Cooking)

Dried Beef and Mushroom Sauce (p. 73 Pantry Cooking)

Extra Quick Tuna Rarebit (p. 74 Pantry Cooking)

Chicken a la King (p. 74 Pantry Cooking)  

Jambalaya (p. 75 Pantry Cooking)

Mushroom Rarebit (p. 75 Pantry Cooking)

Creamed Chicken and Chestnuts (p. 76 Pantry Cooking)

Olive Cheese Sauce (p. 77 Pantry Cooking)