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Alternatives to Electrical Appliances and Tools


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When you can’t use…. then use…

Electric can opener

Manual can opener
Manual wall mounted can opener
GI K-9 emergency can opener
Pocketknife can opener blade
Blender for blending

             for chopping

             all uses

Wire whisk
Martini shaker
Egg beater
Food chopper
Handcrank blender
Rechargeable portable blender
Electric mixer Wire whisk for thin batters
Large wooden spoon for thicker batters
Egg beater for whipping
Hand crank mixer
Bread mixer or bread machine Strong arms and hands!
Hand crank mixer
Food processor for slicing

                          for grating
                          for pastry

                          for whipping

                          for chopping

                          all uses
Pastry blender
Two tableknives
Wire whisk
Egg beater
Food chopper
Manual food processor
Crockpot Solar oven
Norwegian stove
Wonder Box
Propane slow cooker
Toaster Campfire or stove top toaster
Campfire forks
Egg cooker for boiled eggs

                   for poached eggs
Saucepan of water
Solar oven
Add a poaching insert
Grain mill Manual grain mill
Coffee grinder (for small amounts)
Popcorn popper Campfire popcorn popper
Stove top popcorn popper
Waffle iron Campfire waffle iron
Stove top waffle iron
Sandwich maker Camp cooker or pie iron
Juicer Reamer
Hand juicer
Citrus press
Refrigerator Cooler with ice
Portable thermo electric cooler
Portable gas refrigerator
Propane, natural gas or kerosene refrigerator
Solar electric refrigerator
Coolgardie safe or bamboo iceless refrigerator
Pot-in-pot refrigerator
Cold stream
Root cellar
Stove/oven Gas stove/oven/range
Liquid fuel camp stove
Portable collapsible oven
Propane camp oven
Lantern cooker
Gas or charcoal grill
Dutch oven
Wood burning fireplace
Solar oven
Canned heat stove
Tin can stove
Butane, propane or kerosene stove
Chafing dish
Propane skillet
Apple Box oven
Rocket stove
Dishwasher Hot water and soap
Garbage disposal Compost pile
Domesticated animals
Iron Sad iron (heavy metal iron heated by another source)
Butane iron
Clothes washer Washboard and tub
Washing plunger and tub
Pressure hand washer
Clothes dryer Clothesline
Drying rack
Sewing machine Needle and thread
Treadle sewing machine
Vacuum cleaner Broom and dustpan
Dust mop
Floor sweeper
Electric razor Safety razor
Strap razor
Electric toothbrush
Stick with shredded end
Curling iron Butane curling iron
Hair rollers
Blow dryer Cordless hair dryer (still in patent approval)
Alarm clock Battery operated clock
Wind-up clock
Doorbell Door knocker
Manual door bell
Computer/word processor/printer Pen, pencil and paper
Manual typewriter
Electric typewriter Pen, pencil and paper
Manual typewriter
Electric pencil sharpener Small knife
Hand held pencil sharpener
Manual schoolroom pencil sharpener
Wireless telephone Land line telephone
Fan Battery operated fan
Hand operated fan
Hand held fan
Wind blowing through wet sheets
Television Books
Battery operated television w/car adaptor
Radio Battery powered radio
Hand crank radio
Lights Candles and matches
Flashlight and batteries
Hand crank flashlight
Lantern – battery powered, oil, propane, kerosene, candle, gas
Lamp – oil, paraffin, kerosene
Battery recharger Solar battery recharger
Cell phone charger Disposable charger
Battery operated charger
Hand crank charger
Solar charger
Car charger
Water heater Any stove
Portable solar shower bag
Heater Fireplace
Wood burning (or other fuels) stove
Propane or kerosene room heater
Extra clothes and blankets

Sources for non-electrics:
     The Vermont Country Store
     Emergency Essentials
     Pleasant Hill Grain
     Other internet sites
     Sporting goods stores and departments
     Kitchen stores and departments



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