1. Each group leader should identify the households in his/her group. Information gathered should include names, ages, phone numbers, and address. Optional information could include work phone numbers, out-of-state contact people and their phone numbers, and the location of utility shut off valves.

2. Each group leader should be aware of special needs in his/her group such as: handicapped, elderly, and homebound individuals; those with special health needs such as breathing machines and wheel chairs; single parent homes and single people; flood prone areas and the possibility of isolation due to flooding; the need for generators, evacuation vehicles, and non-telephone communication.

3. Each group should gather a resource list of people and equipment; a copy should be given to the HOA board.

4. Each group leader should identify possible emergency housing facilities for use by those whose homes have been flooded or damaged.

5. The group leader should know who is evacuating before a storm and where they are going.

6. The group leader should develop a communications plan whereby every household in the group is contacted after a disaster and pertinent information is obtained i.e. injuries, damage to property, need for evacuation, etc.

7. Each group leader should contact the section leader within ___ hours after the disaster to inform him/her of his group's status and whether help will be needed from outside his group.