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2012 Canning List


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Feb        16 pints boneless chicken thighs
                1 half pint boneless chicken thighs
                1 4-ounce boneless chicken thighs
              16 pints boneless chicken breast
                9 4-ounce boneless chicken breast
                1 4-ounce turkey breast
                7 pints chili
                1 half pint chili
                8 pints Wonderful salsa
Mar         8 pints corned beef
               2 4-ounce corned beef
July         7 pints Wonderful Salsa
               1 half pint Wonderful Salsa
Aug         7 pints pork shoulder roast
                1 half pint pork shoulder roast
                8 pints chicken breast
                2 4-ounce chicken breast
Sep         15 pints cubed ham
               23 half pints cubed ham
Oct           5 pints fajita chicken
                1 4-ounce fajita chicken
               12 pints barbecue chicken
                1 half pint barbecue chicken
               10 4-ounce barbecue chicken


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